Grants Committee

Committee members are trusted by the community to evaluate and allocate grants that best reflect the community’s interests.

We encourage committee members to be autonomous and agile, enabling them to commit to certain grants on their own or convince other committee members to increase the maximum grant size.

Grants Committee Member

In the unlikely situation where a team has stopped progressing or has generally failed to uphold the grant agreement, the committee will also have the ability to terminate funding through a unanimous vote.

Committee Compensation

Since these roles carry significant responsibilities and commitments, members will be compensated for their time and work. Compensation will be $1500 per month for each member, paid entirely in $SSV. The payment is based on a 90-day trailing average of $SSV, calculated on the first of each calendar month, using Binance as a price reference.

Token transfers are executed monthly, at the beginning of each calendar month, for services rendered in the previous month. The transfers may be made using a smart contract, or any other form that the dMarketing team deems most appropriate. The SSV Labs representative will be excluded from compensation.